The Concept

Today’s Picture is a captivating street photography project designed for enthusiasts who appreciate evocative imagery, fresh perspectives, and thought-provoking reflections on life.

It all began in 2004 as a modest endeavor, aimed at occasionally capturing fleeting moments and sharing them with a small audience through a blog and mailing list. However, it rapidly evolved into a personal mission – a commitment to always carry a camera, consciously allowing photographs, paired with concise narratives, to convey everyday stories as I perceive them, wherever life takes me.

Over the years, Today’s Picture has showcased over 2500 captivating images spanning across more than 28 countries, including Myanmar, Nepal, Tajikistan, Georgia, Moldova, Guatemala, Eritrea, Serbia, Turkey, USA, Spain, and Ghana, among others (choose your country in the scroll list on the first page). Feel free  to explore the collection and share the posts that resonate with you. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter below for regular updates. No strings attached and you can unsubscribe at all times. 

All photos featured on Today’s picture are are the creative work of Danne Eriksson unless otherwise credited. © Danne Eriksson 2003-2023, all rights reserved. If you wish to utilize or purchase any of these images, kindly reach out to  Danne Eriksson View portfolio @ 


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