The concept

The mailing list Today’s picture started 2003 as a street photography project to capture the moment and share it with a small audience. Since then the numbers of subscribers have increased and the Today’s picture concept has become available in different social media channels. Over the years Today’s picture has visited more then 20+ countries: Myanmar, Nepal, Tajikistan, Georgia, Moldova, Guatemala, Eritrea, Serbia, Turkey, USA, Spain, England, Ghana and several other places.

The today’s pictures are published @:
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and some more photos are published @: (portfolio)
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and some other places…

Please contact Danne Eriksson if you want to use/purchase some pictures.


Ps. All photos published at Today’s picture are photographed by Danne Eriksson if not written otherwise.
© Danne Eriksson 2003-2017, all rights reserved.


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