Why the Infographic?
It started with a mailing list, and then a blog, and a portfolio, and a FB page, and a G+ page, and Twitter, and Pinterest and…
Soon engough it is hard to explain how all things are connected and how the flow is going. So in order to clarify how my social media workflow and digital identity looks like nowadays I have done this Infographic over the Today’s Picture concept. Hopefully it will give you an overview but also raise some questions that helps you plan your own digital presence:

• What content do I have worth sharing?
• What are my goals, what would I like to achieve?
• How do I engage and interact with my audience?
• In what channels should I be (inter)active?
• How much time do I have to manage my channels?

For sure there are more questions to be asked but this is a start. Good luck!


Ps. If you click on the infograph it will open up in a large format (1200 x 8000 px)

My Digital Presence