Photographer danne eriksson

Let Me Sleep

Poem written by © Arti Honrao

The night calls out to me,
Wake up and see my beauty
I say, ”Leave me alone, let me sleep!”
The soft breeze plays with my hair
It seems as if it’s you playing with it
I hear you whisper loving words in my ears
I say laughingly
”Please don’t do that, let me sleep!”

The moon shines down on me
I see your face in the moonlight
You come close to me and I open my eyes
You vanish into the darkness of my room

I walk to the window and look outside
The reflection of the moon in the river
Reminds me of us again
You are the moon and I the river
Your reflection deep in my heart
The soft breeze caresses me
And tears fill my eyes
I say,
”Please don’t flow, do not empty my eyes
For that is where my love lives
Please do not weep
I want to be with him, please let me sleep!”